It is not possible to apply for number portability if your number is already at Ortel mobile. For this you can contact our customer service at 1200 from a Ortel mobile number or 0900-1612000.
If your number is already closed, you can not receive SMS. Please call 070-2199985 during office hours (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00).
If you haven't received Ortel mobile SIM card, it is not possible to apply for number portability. Once you have received your SIM card, you can submit the request via this website.

Number Portability
Nice to see you want to use Ortel! Would you like to keep your current mobile number? You can request portability here easily and free. We will then put your number on your Ortel SIM card. You will stay reachable on your own mobile phone and there are no charges.

Apply for Number Portability:
  1. Enter the number you would like to keep
  2. Push the 'Send SMS' button
  3. A login code will be sent to you
  4. Enter your login code in the field below and select 'log on'
  5. Fill in the request form and submit
  6. You will receive confirmation when the number porting will be carried out
Phone number to be ported *
Login code

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